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Sfeerfoto op de website van camping Jó Napot! in Hongarije.

Sfeerfoto op de website van camping Jó Napot! in Hongarije.

Sfeerfoto op de website van camping Jó Napot! in Hongarije.

Sfeerfoto op de website van camping Jó Napot! in Hongarije.


Kisbárapáti lies in the Southern Trans Danube in the province of Sómogy. This province runs from the east side of the Balaton right through to the south of Hungary.

In the direct surrounding area, there are endless amounts of beautiful walks through the hills and forests. Alternatively, for the fishing lovers, there is a fishing lake. Or, crosser on a mountain bike.


Igal is around 13 km from Kisbárapáti, also surrounded by rolling green hills. There are several restaurants, a big hotel and a couple of supermarkets found in this village.

The village of Igal is well known for its natural thermal baths, which are open all year round. Each bath has a different temperature. The water spurting into the baths has a depth of 651 meters, and an average warmth of 76 degrees. (Source: Hongarije vakantieland.nl)

There are many in and outdoor baths. One outdoor bath has a waterslide, and there are small and large resting rooms. There is also a small bar where food and drinks can be purchased. You can also take a massage or just relax in the sunshine on a big bath towel.


Lake Balaton, or just Balaton as the Hungarians call it, is the biggest warm water lake in Central Europe. It offers an enormous amount of recreational possibilities, lots of culture and many interesting spots to visit. There is a recently laid bike lane running around the lake. Which allows us to view the lake on all sides.

Along the northern bank, where the water is deeper there lies a girdle of volcanic rock. Due to the shallow water, on the southern banks of the Balaton, this area has become a popular bathing spot for families and young people.

On the peninsula of Tihany stands a 900 hundred year old church with a monastery, well worth a visit as from this point you have excellent panoramic view. The oldest city in the Balaton area is Keszthely. It has a magnificent brokenness style castle, a gothic church built in the middle ages. In addition, many interesting museums well worth a visit on a day, when perhaps the weather is not so good.

Jó Napot! camping is also only a half-hour drive from Balatonelle and Szántód both places offer a wide variety of restaurant, shop, and beaches. And for those of us looking for more action, well then Siófók is the place to be. Plenty of beaches and nightlife. And from Kisbárapáti there is a train connection to Siófók!